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Adventures in Marketing and Design

Created by Chris Moses


A variety of design projects from print, outdoor marketing to degital campaigns


From product photography to the rare occasion I am allowed outside to explore

Social Media

If you are a graphic designer and work for a small company, you are going to have social media experience.

My Brand new Portfolio with practical Art and commercial design.

Marketing is not just one thing

The complete picture of advertising for a company comes not just from a few pretty pictures but from understanding how each part of a marketing compaign works together to intice the wholesale buyer and earn the trust of the end consumer. 

Print Design

Some say print is dead, but it is one of the few mediums we get to touch, feel, and experience first hand. These moments of feeling the paper stay with us as we carry on with our day.

Marketing and Social Media

Social media is more like a game of chess than just owning a Facebook page. Allgerithms change weekly to challenge your ranking on your fans newsfeeds.

Digital Compaigns

There is no denying that we live in a digital world. The digital medium allows us to create an experience for a customer to engage in before even seeing your product first hand. 


We all love photography it shows the world how it really is. However, illustrations allows us to see the world with our imaginations instead of our eyes, 

Corporate Experience


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