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Print Design

Cut through the digital noise! In a sea of screens, printed materials stand out at events. A brochure or pamphlet becomes a tangible touchpoint, leaving a lasting impression on potential donors and volunteers. Let print be your secret weapon to forge deeper connections and boost your nonprofit's impact.

Lydia and drawing of Jeep

Attract & Engage With Bold Branding

Think of print ads in local newspapers or community magazines as friendly handshakes with potential supporters. They allow you to target specific audiences and tangibly deliver your message.

Infographics are like data superheroes, transforming complex information into engaging visuals that capture attention and leave a lasting impression. They're perfect for explaining your impact.

Branding is your unique identity. It's the voice, the colors, the feeling you evoke. A strong brand attracts supporters and customers and fosters trust and loyalty. 

In the marketing marathon, remember your powerful trio: print, infographics, and branding. They'll help you reach your goals, share your story, and leave a lasting impact!

1. Closing the Divide: Enhanced Communication, Stronger Connections. I've developed captivating resources such as the "Reading Bureau Guide," encouraging better communication and cooperation among volunteers, stakeholders, and board members. My efforts empower individuals to express their thoughts and collaborate effectively.
2. Reviving Youth Engagement: I took charge of revitalizing the United Way's UPStream brand, sparking a wave of participation in the program and garnering increased media attention. My makeover infused the program with a youthful vibe and highlighted its social influence, drawing in new members and expanding its impact.
3. Unleashing Volunteer Potential: Empowering Guides and Programs. My enthusiasm for clarity and teamwork is evident in resources like the "Reading Program." These tools have boosted communication and collaboration, empowering volunteers and stakeholders to actively engage and propel program success.
4. Turning Numbers into Narratives: Just like this one, my infographics bring data to life for United Way's audiences. This engaging approach has sparked increased community involvement and sponsor collaborations.

United Way of Northeast Florida

Data with Impact - turned stale data into captivating infographics, igniting community involvement and sponsor curiosity in United Way projects. My visuals simplified messages, sparked interest, and inspired action, showing that data can be stunning and effective.

Jamestown Painting/ Hospitality

Elevate Your Brand Experience: The Power of Storytelling in Print: Jamestown Paints and Hospitality print ads testify to the power of storytelling in print. I brought memorable experiences to life through captivating visuals and engaging copy.

These pieces are more than just information; they invite them to step into their world and savor the possibilities.

1. We translated Jamestown Catering Co.'s digital brand presence into a tangible print experience that resonates with its target audience. Using strategic design elements, high-quality imagery, and compelling copy, we created a brochure that showcases their culinary expertise and drives inquiries and bookings.
2. Jamestown Painting and Hospitality magazine ads showcase the magic of storytelling in print. With captivating photography and compelling copy, I brought their love for handcrafted moments to life.
1. Tired of blending in? We help organizations like Clay Connect Tech Con stand out! Like this eye-catching billboard, our strategic branding drove a 20% awareness surge in just three months!
2. From whipping up brand guides to event materials, I seamlessly weaved together eye-catching visuals both on and off-site that showcased the essence of Tech Con and kept the audience hooked. * Click for Full Graphic
3. Every dollar is crucial. I excel in forming innovative partnerships, such as obtaining discounted print ads for this powerful campaign. The outcome? A remarkable 20% growth in aiding the underserved population in Clay County.

Clay County Chamber of Commerce

I am a firm believer in the magic of storytelling to bring people together. Through my clever print ads in the community, I helped launch the Tech Con event to great success.

Additionally, my newspaper ads targeted demographics with limited tech engagement, introducing blood panels to new communities.


Ever feel like your excellent non-profit or small business is a hidden gem? Trade shows can be your treasure map, leading you to a world of potential supporters, collaborators, and customers! Imagine a giant room filled with people actively seeking what you offer, from volunteers and donors to potential partners and clients. Trade shows provide a unique opportunity to connect with them face-to-face, showcase your mission or products, and build valuable relationships.

Think of it as a chance to tell your story, answer questions in real time, and leave a lasting impression. Plus, you can gather valuable feedback, network with industry experts, and even discover new trends. It's like attending a giant networking event and educational conference all rolled into one! So, if you want to boost brand awareness, generate leads, and connect with your target audience, consider adding trade shows to your marketing toolbox. You might unearth a treasure trove of new opportunities!

Revere Survival & Sahara Smoke

Trade shows are a pass to a room full of potential customers who are just itching to hear about the latest and greatest. It's time to shine on the big stage and show off your passion, product, or mission. Get ready to connect face-to-face with your target audience, dish out answers, and build meaningful relationships. And hey, don't forget to spy on your competitors and snag some juicy market insights while you're at it.

1. Engaging audiences and driving sales: I crafted eye-catching print materials and trade show booths that boosted customer engagement and brand awareness by 20%.
2. My knack for German fluency played a key role in closing $100,000 in sales. I took the lead in organizing our inaugural retail trade show invite, setting the stage for wider recognition in the hookah industry.
3.  I crafted eye-catching visuals that boosted lead generation by 20%, optimized booth logistics to cut shipping costs by 10%, and guaranteed seamless operations.
4. As your dedicated on-site advocate, I maximized impact while minimizing potential stress and maximizing impact and minimizing stress.

Practice Art, Empower the Community

In the ever-evolving world of marketing, your unique skillset is your superpower! While the digital realm reigns supreme, consider the power of print media. Whether flexing your artistic muscles through hand-drawn flyers or volunteering your design skills for local causes, print offers a unique platform to express your creativity and connect with your audience.


Think of it as adding another arrow to your marketing quiver. Designing eye-catching print materials allows you to experiment with different visuals, tangibly engage your audience, and leave a lasting impression. Volunteering your creative talents to non-profits strengthens your community, showcases your skills, and builds valuable connections.

Personal Physical Media

In today's digital world, consider the power of print media as a marketing superpower! Unleash your inner artist by designing flyers or volunteering your design skills for local causes. Print allows you to experiment visually, connect authentically, and leave a lasting impression. It's like adding a unique arrow to your marketing quiver, boosting your creativity, and showcasing your talents to the community!

Meepters Flyer
1. Spreading the word and raising funds for the Epilepsy Foundation through exciting gaming tournaments was a passion I championed with flyers, press releases, and social. Click, print, and share to make sure your friends will be there. 
Drawing of a Jeep with writing
2. Getting your creative juices flowing with hand-drawn flyers or lending your design talents to local causes, print provides a special opportunity to showcase your artistic flair and engage with your community.
Bookmark Demo
3. We creatives are constantly diving into books, so a bookmark is a must-have! But of course, being the creative soul that I am, I couldn't resist showing off my skills by making my own with these fun lino-printed paper crafts.
Farmers Market Lino Prints (2)
4. Engage your mind with personal projects; from crafting to printing, I've crafted one-of-a-kind creations and shared them with the community.
Old Man in Charcoal and Youth in acrylic
5. I find inspiration in all creative mediums, from painting to charcoal and from digital to paper. Not everything has to be about advertising; sometimes, art should be just for you.

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