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Digital Assets

Go beyond text. Discover expert strategies for creating impactful photos and videos that raise awareness, spark action, and amplify your brand's impact.

Me looking into a camera at the Okefenokee Swamp

Product Photography

Go beyond descriptions, speak in pixels

Elevate your impact with professional product photography. Research shows captivating images increase donations, engagement, and brand perception. Don't just sell products; tell your story. Product photography is a powerful storytelling tool, fostering deeper connections with supporters. Learn how impactful imagery drives donations, boosts sales, and empowers your nonprofit to make a lasting difference.
1. This photo of a Kiss Hookah Vase being dropped into a tank of water was used primarily on social media.  Limited editing was implemented in this photo.
2 A Poseidon Hookah in nature, Jacksonville Florida area, relating the name origin to the Hookah itself.  
3 Sonic Diffuser was placed underwater, and a photo was taken with an assistant. The photo was used in Social Media, as seen here, and the video was also taken and sent to a third-party editor. 

Sahara Smoke

I captured the essence of hookahs through unique photography across social media, websites, and print materials. My work elevated the brand's online presence and engaged audiences with the artistry and culture behind these fascinating instruments.

Jamestown Hospitality

Food is a powerful tool for positive change. I crafted captivating campaigns, managed social media, and built engaging websites for various brands. Through eye-catching food photography (like this!), I champion local ingredients and culinary talent, connecting people to the heart and soul of their food.

Red and yellow carrots in a bowl on a table with flowers
1. All three establishments showcased the finest locally sourced foods we proudly shared on our social media and website. I meticulously curated this photograph to highlight the exceptional talents of the Florists and Farmers from Delaware and Maryland, forging a distinctive partnership.
Fish on a plate with bacon and salad
2. As a part of our sensational Friday Seafood Campaign, our skilled chef carefully plated this exquisite cod and our talented photographer captured its beauty. This captivating image has been prominently featured across our website, magazine spread, and social media platforms.
Flaming Shrimp on a grill
3. With the guidance of our talented Chef, we crafted an electrifying Friday Seafood Campaign highlighting these sizzling shrimp. During this exciting photoshoot, we captured captivating short videos and stunning still images like this.
Park Cafe Specialty Drinks
4. Not only did we showcase delicious food, but we also highlighted an array of enticing drinks. The photos captured the true talent of our staff without any gimmicks. From staging to implementing photography best practices, and utilizing the latest SEO and Social Media strategies, these were the final touches that were left in my hands.
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1. Product photography is like your brand's personal Everest expedition in the outdoor industry. It lets you showcase your gear in action, captivating potential adventurers and igniting their desire to explore.
2. High-quality photos paint a picture of function, durability, and the thrill of the outdoors, ultimately convincing customers to choose your gear for their next adventure.

UST Brands

Imagine trying to sell a mountain without a picture! In the outdoor industry, high-quality product photography is your digital mountain guide.

These captivating visuals tell a story and inspire potential adventurers to choose your gear for their next exploration. Remember, in the fiercely competitive world of outdoor products, the right photo can be the difference between summiting sales or getting lost in the digital wilderness.

Show Your Impact: Event Photography

Imagine showcasing the faces of your community, the joy of your volunteers, and the impact of your work - all through a single image! That's the magic of event and organization photography for nonprofits. Powerful visuals capture hearts and minds.

They leave a lasting impression on potential donors and supporters. They spark emotional connections, build trust, and ultimately inspire action. So, invest in capturing your story through captivating photos, and watch your impact grow!

YMCA of the Virginia Peninsulas

In the non-profit world, capturing hearts and building reach. Event and organization photography are your secret weapons!

Powerful visuals showcase the impact of your work, the passion of your volunteers, and the joy of the communities you serve

1. Genuine moments and capturing emotions are crucial to a nonprofit's success. Powerful visuals can showcase the impact of your work, the dedication of your volunteers, and the joy of the communities you serve.
2. Forge meaningful connections with potential donors and supporters, making a lasting impact and sparking action within the community.
3. Sometimes, a picture is worth a thousand words. Sharing the impact of donations with donors and the community through carefully crafted photos fosters a sense of achievement.
Ribbon cuttings at restaurant with group of people with big scissors
1. Exciting grand opening event at the restaurant, with enthusiastic guests ready to cut the ribbon with oversized scissors.
Guest speaker at ceremony which is a wheelchair user
2. Distinguished guest speakers at the ceremony include a wheelchair user.
Guest speaker moving away from podium
3. Distinguished guest speakers strutted away from the podium at the Clay Connect Con, proudly showcasing one of the remarkable companies at the event.
Group photo mix of older and younger people with beige background
4. My marketing strategies and photography showcase some of the fantastic young individuals from Clay County supported by the Chamber.
Clay connect con guest speaker
5. Yet another fabulous guest speaker from Clay Connect Con that I had the pleasure of showcasing.

Clay County Chamber of Commerce

Forget dry speeches, non-profits! Event and organization photography is your voice in pictures. These powerful visuals showcase the joy of your beneficiaries, your volunteers' dedication, and your work's tangible results.



They connect with donors on a deeper level, igniting empathy and inspiring action. So, ditch the text-only approach and let compelling videos speak volumes about your cause, skyrocketing your SEO and amplifying your impact!

Imagine explaining your non-profit's impact solely with text. It's like describing a breathtaking landscape instead of showing a picture! Video marketing changes the game for SEO. Engaging, emotional videos grab attention, boost search engine visibility, and tell your story in a powerful, relatable way. 

Clay County Chamber of Commerce

I believe in the power of storytelling to connect people—my strategic outreach to local schools and the Chamber of Commerce and compelling video interviews with community leaders.

Shared via social media and news channels propelled the inaugural Tech Con to success, attracting over 2,000 attendees and fostering a thriving tech ecosystem in Clay County.

Luter Remodel

During my time at the Y, I had the chance to work on numerous video projects, including showcasing our remodels!

By keeping the public in the loop and driving traffic to the site, video proves to be a dynamic and enjoyable way to share updates, even the tiniest details, about your nonprofit. 

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