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Social Media

Empowering Brands, Reaching Goals: I nurtured customer engagement on social media by encouraging community members to connect with meaningful content, fostering loyalty, and amplifying its mission.

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Visual Storytelling for Impact

Seamlessly navigate the ever-changing world of algorithms, strategically prioritizing timely and targeted content to guarantee prime placement in newsfeeds.

Seamlessly navigate the ever-changing world of algorithms, strategically prioritizing timely and targeted content to guarantee prime placement in newsfeeds.

Sahara Smoke Tumbler add on a Mac Book pro 15 on the edge of a side walk
1. Use your current assets to promote your new ones! This post promoted Sahara Smoke's new Tumbler page.
Hookah Hookah Flavor Mix with Fruits
2 Remember when water graphics were super trendy? Hookah Hookah remembers! This social media post was part of an advertising campaign featured in direct mail, magazines, websites, and emails. 
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3. Authenticity reigns supreme in the realm of social media. No fancy editing tricks needed for this shot, just a whole lot of patience and lung power in the studio.
Envy Supernova duo social media post
4. Who doesn't love a good social media poll? Forget about politics, let's settle the real debate - are you Team Supernova or Team Envy?

Sahara Smoke

Celebrating Cultural Connections: I believe in the power of digital stories to bridge cultures and spark conversation. My expertise in crafting virtual campaigns helped companies in the hookah industry engage with online communities globally, fostering meaningful connections while respecting cultural nuances.

From Tradition to Connection: Halloween Contest

I believe in the power of digital experiences to celebrate cultural heritage and spark curiosity.

My expertise in crafting virtual campaigns, including dynamic long-form contests, has driven audience engagement for brands across social media and company websites.

The focus is amplifying diverse voices and fostering understanding, not promoting the product or its consumption.

Halloween Contest Hookah in the woods
1. A reference to a famous movie poster inspires each post for the contest. Can you guess this one? It's the 90's classic, the Blair Witch Project.
Halloween Contest silhouette of a Hookah on red background
2. The 70s and 80s were a goldmine for classic horror movies, serving as a treasure trove of inspiration for killer social media posts during Halloween. Think Carrie and Texas Chainsaw Massacre.
The Ring Hookah
3 No Halloween contest is complete without an official Halloween post or a post inspired by the most iconic 90s scary movie, The Ring!

Text on photo saying Helping others help you
1. Twitter (now known as X) chats had some guest hosts, like outdoor enthusiasts, park rangers, Boy Scout leaders, and Search and Rescue.
What's my grid Gearmeout chat with compass photo
2. They allowed community members to learn how to use the gear in a fun and engaging manner, driving up engagement and company trust.
Text For the Love of Nature photo of Flonne
3 All the images were graciously shared by community members and ambassadors or captured during my own fun outdoor escapades.
Dog and person image Hiking in a winter Wonderland text
4. The #GearMeOut chats gave us a unique personality, the goal of any social media presence! 

UST Brands

Sharing the Trail, Not Just the Gear

I believe in the power of shared experiences. By expanding #GearMeOut across social media, I opened a door for customers to connect, swap stories, and celebrate their passion for the outdoors.

This inclusive online space goes beyond promoting gear – it fosters a community of like-minded individuals who inspire and support each other on every adventure.

UST Freeze Frame

Nature's Calling: Amplifying Outdoor Voices

I nurtured customer engagement on social media with a vibrant mix of strategies, including two captivating contest campaigns.

By encouraging community members to connect with the outdoors, I helped the brand blossom, fostering loyalty and amplifying its mission.

UST FreezeFrame Twitter
1 The contest was promoted on Twitter (now known as X) and featured photography, with contestants and ambassadors participating. All graphic design elements were crafted by yours truly.
2 Ah, the good old days when resizing photos was a must and squares were a risky choice! Even now, every post requires a careful eye for size, tone, and the right tags.
3. Each photo was handpicked from the "wild" rather than a stock website, ensuring every post was meticulously curated with the necessary release forms. The Ambassador's consistent supply of media and budget for promotional materials to the team was diligently documented.

Square Fire Shrimp
1. The Shrimps are sizzling! Capturing behind-the-scenes photos and videos of food preparation adds a playful and imaginative touch to showcasing the meal quality and building trust within the community.
Fish on a plate with bacon and salad
2. Of course we also dished out the complete meals! Unlike what you have seen on TV, no Elmer glue or funny tricks were used in my food photography. 
Park Cafe Specialty Drinks
3. Sip on this fabulous lighting! No need for any editing here; just the gorgeous sunlight, the vibrant drink colors, and a speedy online share.
Red and yellow carrots in a bowl on a table with flowers
4. These carrots aren't just for show - they showcase Park Cafe's commitment to supporting local farmers and serving up fresh, local produce to the community.
5. Not every post was created just for Instagram's stunning visuals; I also crafted promotional materials like this for Facebook and Google Business/Ads.

Jamestown Hospitality

Cultivating Connection, Plate by Post

At Jamestown Hospitality, social media wasn't just about likes and shares and cultivating a vibrant community. Through a curated feed showcasing captivating visuals and authentic storytelling, I fostered genuine connections with our audience across three brands.

Think mouthwatering photos of locally sourced dishes paired with glimpses into everyday operations and team spirit. This strategic approach transcended mere engagement, building trust and loyalty one post at a time.


Fueling Impact: Volunteer Projects

From championing awareness for the Epilepsy Foundation to empowering voices and rescuing furry friends, I've poured my passion into crafting unique campaigns that ignite engagement and support for the causes I believe in.

Think innovative initiatives that bring fundraising events and initiatives to life, capturing hearts and driving real impact. It's not just about volunteering; it's about unleashing creativity for good!

Event information over Jeeps
1 I've been dedicated to supporting Epilepsy Warriors since 2015. Walk the Talk was the Epilepsy Foundation of Florida's biggest fundraising event, and I was proud to serve on the Volunteer Board.
2. Social media updates showcased the fundraising events I created for the Epilepsy Foundation, like Gaming Tournaments, Car Shows, and Affiliate Streams, raising $5,000. When I directly represented the foundation, we hit over $1,000,000.

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