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Chris Moses

Award-winning Digital Marketer for Social Good

About Me

I've thrived as a marketing leader for over ten years, igniting campaigns and building communities for mission-driven organizations.  I'm a master storyteller that resonates with hearts and minds.

My passion is building brands for a purpose. I've created brand identities and fostered partnerships. Data is my compass, and I maximize ROI through analytics. 

I'm a collaborative powerhouse, building, and leading high-performing teams, fostering open communication, and uniting cross-functional departments for shared victories.

Driven to make a positive impact, I'm eager to join a purpose-driven organization and contribute my expertise to meaningful social change. 

What I do

From digital marketing to paper classics, sample some of my previous work. 

Award and Certifications

Look, accolades are amazing, but trust me, my toolbox is packed with more than shiny plaques. Every award and every certification I earned isn't just framed glory on a wall; they're trail maps toward cutting-edge tactics and strategies that help me navigate the non-profit landscape.

Recent Posts

Marketing Blog

Leading the Way: 

Showcasing the Companies Where I Shine as a Leader


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Shannon Dennis

Creative Director | YMCA at the Virginia Peninsulas

Brandon Wouk

Senior Member of Technical Staff | AMD

I worked with Chris during her Chamber days. I found her to be professional, creative, caring, and highly recommend her. She has all the marketing experience you need to take your business to the next level.

Michael Glickman

General Manager | Achieve fitness

I am thrilled to share my experience with HubSpot, a truly exceptional platform that has transformed the way I approach marketing and customer relationship management. From the moment I started using HubSpot, I knew I had discovered a game-changer.


John Doe

Job Title | Company XYZ

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